Experience the parks of Enköping

The parks and green areas in Enköping have a lot to offer as regards to experiencing distinctive shapes and forms, alluring scents and colour schemes and a vast number of species.

They also provide space for other recreational enterprises such as sporting activities, fun & games, picnic outings or just a place for tranquillity and afterthought.

More information about the parks, pocket-parks, pictures and the guided tours you'll
find in the navigation menue.

Welcome to one of Sweden´s best Park- and Garden towns!


Tomas Lindvall
Headgardener with staff

Drömparken. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Drömparken. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Detalj från idéträdgård. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Rådhusgården. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Pastor Spaks park. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Parktåget, Gustaf Adolfs Plan. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Pastor Spaks park. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Klosterparken. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.Blå Trädgård. Foto: Parkkontorets bildarkiv.

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